Dads Ignored At The Door

Most Dads go to work. The payday loans in san leandro california traditional male role of sole income provider is slowly but surely sharing a place in society with a co-earning parent, but that is nothing new. It has been occurring since the 1940’s when American society asked women to take up the mantles of […]

Fewer Fathers Want to Become Stay-At-Home Dads

According to a recent survey, 31% of working dads would give up their jobs to stay home with the kids. That’s a drop of 18% from the 2005 response. While I still think nearly one-third is a very large number for this demographic, I have to wonder if the survey is entirely valid, since […]

Will Smith Becomes a Stay-At-Home Dad

If ever the stay-at-home Dad crowd wanted a poster boy, they may have just received the answer to their prayers. To support his wife’s new TV show endeavor, actor Will Smith will be a stay-at-home Dad and take care of his two young children full time. I’d like to commend Alan Duke of CNN, on […]

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