Fatherhood is Not About Feminism

Media being reviewed: 1 hour loans online Number of Stay-At-Home Dads Rising During Economic Downturn by pitt emergency loan Serena Freewomyn, Condusive Chronicle As I made my way through this article, I couldn’t help but notice it was amazingly complimentary. The dads interviewed for the piece were honest, proud, and “challenging stereotypes” with enthusiasm. They […]

Dad Bloggers Get Some CNN Coverage

Our thanks to Kevin Metzger of The 1 hour money DADvocate Project (www.thedadvocateproject.com) for posting this video and starring in it. This is exactly the kind of topic we need to address: media perceptions of fatherhood. CNN contributor Josh Levs seems to have some genuine interest in the subject and a desire to explore the […]

Dads Ignored At The Door

Most Dads go to work. The payday loans in san leandro california traditional male role of sole income provider is slowly but surely sharing a place in society with a co-earning parent, but that is nothing new. It has been occurring since the 1940’s when American society asked women to take up the mantles of […]

Easy to Blame Mom for Child’s Behavior

Moms and Dads parent differently. This shouldn’t be a shock to most quick loans online with bad credit of you. It was probably evident soon after the birth of your baby when you wanted to do one thing with your new bundle of pride and joy and Mom wanted something else for her cute and […]

Fewer Fathers Want to Become Stay-At-Home Dads

According to a recent CareerBuilder.com survey, 31% of working dads would give up their jobs to stay home with the kids. That’s a drop of 18% from the 2005 response. While I still think nearly one-third is a very large number for this demographic, I have to wonder if the survey is entirely valid, since […]

Review: Krikorian Theatres “Mommy Monday Movies”

(This program has been relabeled “Mommy Movie Mondays” since this blog was first published.) One of our Mom supporters recently posted a message on Facebook about Krikorian Theatres “Mommy Monday Movies” program. Naturally, the name got our attention. After visiting their website, we learned that Dads are also welcomed (“This program is geared towards the […]

Will Smith Becomes a Stay-At-Home Dad

If ever the stay-at-home Dad crowd wanted a poster boy, they may have just received the answer to their prayers. To support his wife’s new TV show endeavor, actor Will Smith will be a stay-at-home Dad and take care of his two young children full time. I’d like to commend Alan Duke of CNN, on […]

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