Disciplining Other Parents’ Children

My wife and I are fortunate to have a payday loans manchester 10 minute cash loan pair of friends –Jack and Julia- with two little boys near our son’s age. We recently attended their oldest son’s birthday party and there was no shortage of guests: nearly two dozen kids and plenty of parents, cousins, grandparents, […]

Spanking May Be Like Ice Cream

Let’s get my opinion out of the way at the opening payday loans second chance bell: I don’t spank my son and have no intention to do so. I do not believe it is necessary. Naturally, my wife and I have some friends who do accept spanking as a disciplinary measure while other friends do […]

Disabled Students Are Spanked More

Seems like a pretty disgusting example of personal loans in mesquite texas abuse of power. How can you hit someone, even as a means of punishment, who probably doesn’t understand why you’re doing it? Exactly what lesson do you believe you are imparting? Its probably you who needs the beating. “The report, based on federal […]

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