John Edwards Fall From Grace

Update (Jan. 27, 2010): Edwards’ infidelity has now fractured his family. payday loans same day in sa According to her sister, John and Elizabeth have split. None of his children will have a cohesive set of parents. Way to go, Senator. Original blog post: It seems almost decades ago that Sen. John Edwards was […]

Army Gives GI Dads Some Time Off

The life of a payments on a personal loan calculator soldier is difficult and can only be fully understood by one who has served. That is especially true for those military members who have children waiting for their return at home. The time spent away from family is tough. But perhaps that hurdle is a […]

Michael Jackson As A Father

Updated July 30, 2009 – Custody of Jackson’s children finally settled and without a court battle. Click here for additional info.) ProActiveDads note: We’re very happy to see that the custody of these two children did not become more of a media spectacle and force them to endure yet more unpleasant scrutiny. They lost a […]

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