It’s Better To Be a Dad Than a Friend

Robinsons Drinks Pals

A new commercial from British drink maker Robinsons has been whipping its way around the world. The spot is a heartwarming tale of two “pals” who make memories together and refresh themselves with a cool glass of Robinsons. Take a look and then read why we have a problem with it. The twist at the […]

"Adoption" Part 2: The Emotions

(This is the second in a two 1000 dollar loan no credit check payday loans locations in las vegas part series on adoption. A recent meeting with a woman currently in the adopting process made me realize the importance of discussing a topic I have thus far rarely mentioned.The first part discussed the meeting my […]

Media Review: What Dads Can’t Do

Oh, they don’t get much better than this. personal loan options for poor credit While searching for dad-related 1 800 new loan news items, I came across this video. When I saw it was from an evangelical Christian organization, I assumed it would have some sort of “dads can’t do everything, but God can” twist […]

Disciplining Other Parents’ Children

My wife and I are fortunate to have a payday loans manchester 10 minute cash loan pair of friends –Jack and Julia- with two little boys near our son’s age. We recently attended their oldest son’s birthday party and there was no shortage of guests: nearly two dozen kids and plenty of parents, cousins, grandparents, […]

Mom/Dad Influence Necessity Challenged in Court

According to a Cambridge University psychologist, children with homosexual parents are no less adjusted than children with heterosexual parents. Michael Lamb, who heads the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology at Cambridge claims “studies have found children do not require both a male and female parent,” and that this fact is documented by “broad research”. […]

What Parents Think Teens Are Doing on Social Networks

According to this study by Common Sense Media, personal loans in minneapolis mn parents still aren’t getting the message about keeping tabs on their child’s online behavior. Especially when you read a statistic like: “13% of teens said they posted naked or semi-naked photos or videos of themselves. Only 2% of parents said their kids […]

Review: Krikorian Theatres “Mommy Monday Movies”

(This program has been relabeled “Mommy Movie Mondays” since this blog was first published.) One of our Mom supporters recently posted a message on Facebook about Krikorian Theatres “Mommy Monday Movies” program. Naturally, the name got our attention. After visiting their website, we learned that Dads are also welcomed (“This program is geared towards the […]

Supreme Court Rules on School Strip Searches

The Supreme Court has said that kids may not be stripped searched at school, even for illicit or banned drugs. The ruling also concluded that school officials could not be sued for the act. But it did not address whether or not school districts would be liable in such instances. I like the idea that […]

I Wish I Could Remember Infancy

I’ve always wished for the ability to remember infancy. Strange thought, I know. Most people have better things to occupy their time. But I truly think it would be fascinating to recall the experiences of being a baby. They seem to have a very different perspective about, and approach to, the world around them than […]

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