Coca-Cola Ad Celebrates Early Parenthood

This new ad from Coca-Cola celebrates the early years of parenthood. Agony. Ecstasy. Repeat. Can you relate the parents in this commercial?

Debate: Should We Care About Kids Fashion

Hello again everyone. I’ve got some exciting news to share. A few weeks ago, I was asked by an editor at The Huffington Post if I would like to participate in a debate on children’s style. She came across a column I wrote for and thought I would be ideal to take the “disagree” […]

Top 2 Ads Are All About Dads

Too often the dad blogger community is sidelined and ridiculed as a fad, a reaction to the success of mom blogging, or just something for crazy guys who aren’t masculine enough. ProActiveDads was not only built as a response to those inaccurate criticisms, but also because we collectively understand the importance of media and stereotyping […]

Interview with "Big In China" Author Alan Paul

I was fortunate enough to meet dad, author, columnist, and famous Beijing band frontman Alan Paul via email a few months ago. He’s a seemingly normal enough guy who just happens to be famous. When we began our email chats, he told me he had a book coming out soon and thought the ProActiveDads audience […]

Embrace the Chaos: Keeping a Sense of Yourself

Raising children is a balancing act. The minute they are born they become the most important thing in your life. You are transformed – but you don’t disappear. Your own hopes, dreams, ambitions, desires don’t vanish into thin air and you will be a better parent if you manage to maintain your own individuality and […]

If Dads Are Irrelevant, Moms Are To Blame

Society, the media, and researchers 1000 dollar short term loan are frequently unkind to fathers, payday loans in lancaster ca portraying them as incompetent or absent parents.  These stereotypes are damaging and hurtful to fathers who are taking an active role in their children’s lives. The flip side of this portrayal of fathers is an […]

What Awaits the Next Generation

I spend a lot of my parenting thoughts contemplating my 1 hour cash loan son’s future. I suppose its natural, since so much of my responsibility is to prepare him -as best I can- for what awaits. Incidentally, I am constantly reminded of how monumentally difficult that task is. The generations before me witnessed the […]

Disciplining Other Parents’ Children

My wife and I are fortunate to have a payday loans manchester 10 minute cash loan pair of friends –Jack and Julia- with two little boys near our son’s age. We recently attended their oldest son’s birthday party and there was no shortage of guests: nearly two dozen kids and plenty of parents, cousins, grandparents, […]

Media Review: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ad

So many Americans personal loans wecu are attracted to the story 1 800 fast cash of Ted Williams. Many of you probably have the same reaction I do each time I hear that name: baseball. But I’m talking about another Ted Williams. I’m talking about the homeless guy with the “golden voice”. Shortly after he […]

Reading to Children Is Important

It was my 100 approval loans birthday last week. Did you personal loans with a 500 credit score know that? Well, it wasn’t really my birthday. But if I were A.A. Milne (and still alive) it would have been true. Alan Alexander Milne was the English author best known for creating the simply lovable children’s […]

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