Coca-Cola Ad Celebrates Early Parenthood

This new ad from Coca-Cola celebrates the early years of parenthood. Agony. Ecstasy. Repeat. Can you relate the parents in this commercial?

"Enter Sandman" From a New Direction

(originally written on April 15, 2011) I’ve been a Metallica fan since 1996. Wow. I think that’s the first time I’ve actually put a year on my discovery of Metallica. Anyway. So I’ve been a fan for 15 years. Through all of the changes and battles they’ve had in those years, I still feel a […]

"Adoption" Part 1: What Does It Mean

(This will be the first in personal loans tifton ga a two part 100 online payday loans no phone calls series on adoption. A recent meeting with a woman currently in the adopting process made me realize the importance of discussing a topic I have thus far rarely mentioned.The first part will discuss the meeting […]

Location. Location. Location. Where to Give Birth?

I don’t recall the inspiration for this discussion, but payday loans in opelousas louisiana I still 1 hour online payday loan think it would be an interesting discussion for us. Ironically, my wife told me that the movie “Babies” was available via OnDemand tonight. For those unfamiliar with the movie, it tracks four babies from […]

365 to 182 or Less

by RJ Jaramillo These are frightening 1 day processing cash loan numbers to look at as quick cash loans idaho falls a father. Somewhere in the U.S. today, there is a newly divorced father facing his final hearing in a family court room. A judge is making a decision that will change the time that […]

Mom/Dad Influence Necessity Challenged in Court

According to a Cambridge University psychologist, children with homosexual parents are no less adjusted than children with heterosexual parents. Michael Lamb, who heads the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology at Cambridge claims “studies have found children do not require both a male and female parent,” and that this fact is documented by “broad research”. […]

Fugitive Mom Arrested 11 Years After Kidnapping

It was 1998 and Bill Connington’s sons were with their mother on payday loans tupelo a court-allowed visitation. That would be the last time he saw them. Jill Connington kidnapped her children on that day and fled Washington state. A warrant was issued for her arrest, but she evaded capture – until last week. In […]

Easy to Blame Mom for Child’s Behavior

Moms and Dads parent differently. This shouldn’t be a shock to most quick loans online with bad credit of you. It was probably evident soon after the birth of your baby when you wanted to do one thing with your new bundle of pride and joy and Mom wanted something else for her cute and […]

Before You Divorce A Good Father

Though we payday loans madras oregon celebrate our supposed God given right to the pursuit of happiness only the most naive of people do not realize that the pursuit of happiness through divorce leaves a long, long trail of loss to all those involved … this essay is one such Father’s testimony as to what […]

Judge Sides With Mom, Mom Flees With Kids

(Updated Oct. 15, 2009 personal loans in fredericksburg virginia – Dad released from Japanese jail. See link below.) In what can easily be described as a shining example of a dad wanting to keep his children safe from a selfish mother, the story of Christopher Savoie is one that should not be forgotten. After cheating […]

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