Social Media Dads Pave the Way

As a dad, it gives me such a pleasurable feeling to be out in public and witness other dads doing things that one would typically see the mom doing. For instance, walking in to the men’s room to see a dad using the changing table like it is no big deal. Men without kids will […]

Dad Bloggers Get Some CNN Coverage

Our thanks to Kevin Metzger of The 1 hour money DADvocate Project ( for posting this video and starring in it. This is exactly the kind of topic we need to address: media perceptions of fatherhood. CNN contributor Josh Levs seems to have some genuine interest in the subject and a desire to explore the […]

British Airways Policy: All Men Are Potential Sex Offenders

(Update: British Airways has amended payday loans in paola ks its policy and now seats unaccompanied 100 online payday cash advance minors in a “nondiscriminatory manner” Article – Daily Telegraph) This man is taking one small step for dads, one giant leap for mankind. His name is Mirko Fischer and he was recently subjected to […]

What Parents Think Teens Are Doing on Social Networks

According to this study by Common Sense Media, personal loans in minneapolis mn parents still aren’t getting the message about keeping tabs on their child’s online behavior. Especially when you read a statistic like: “13% of teens said they posted naked or semi-naked photos or videos of themselves. Only 2% of parents said their kids […]

New Jif Commercial Mentions Dads This is a new commercial from Jif peanut butter. For those needing a bit of background, Jif’s slogan “Choosy Moms Choose Jif” was one of the principle reasons ProActiveDads was founded. We were tired of being considered second-class parents by companies like Jif. You can see our Review here. Its great to see that […]

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