Mommy > Daddy

For the non-mathamatically inclined, quick cash loans auckland the article title says 100 percent loan “Mommy Greater Than Daddy”. It is an accurate reflection of my son’s current attitude. As President Obama would say right about now, “let me be clear”: he still loves me and smiles from ear to ear when I get home. […]

We Only Get One Shot At This

As I look back on it during this fresh morning, 100 fast cash system I still hold the opinion that my two-year-old son had a great day yesterday. His behavior was positive, he ate well, he spent some valuable time with extended family, he didn’t get injured (a miracle on its own), and he experienced […]

Tips For The Involved Dad At School

Despite the recently scorching temperatures for most of the nation, it’s hard to believe that our kids’ summer is almost over and we need to start preparing them for a return to school. With so many different types of families today, that can mean many different things. But no matter what the circumstances, there are […]

I Wish I Could Remember Infancy

I’ve always wished for the ability to remember infancy. Strange thought, I know. Most people have better things to occupy their time. But I truly think it would be fascinating to recall the experiences of being a baby. They seem to have a very different perspective about, and approach to, the world around them than […]

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