ProActiveDads Coming to an End

ProActiveDads coming to an end

Over the past five years, many things have changed: Dads gained more pride in their family roles, companies have paid more attention to dads as consumers, media has given more positive portrayals of fatherhood, and marketing is beginning to focus on involved dads instead of making us all seem to be Homer Simpson. These changes […]

Dad Bloggers – The Proud Papas Infographic

Dad bloggers are on the rise and, as we all know, fatherhood has dramatically changed in the last few decades. Check out this infographic from our friends at

Happy Father’s Day 2013

From all of us -dads, moms, grandpas, and kids- at ProActiveDads, we wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers who make fatherhood their top priority. None of us are perfect, but we love our children and want to do what is best for them. Have a great day!

It’s Better To Be a Dad Than a Friend

Robinsons Drinks Pals

A new commercial from British drink maker Robinsons has been whipping its way around the world. The spot is a heartwarming tale of two “pals” who make memories together and refresh themselves with a cool glass of Robinsons. Take a look and then read why we have a problem with it. The twist at the […]

Embrace the Chaos: Keeping a Sense of Yourself

Raising children is a balancing act. The minute they are born they become the most important thing in your life. You are transformed – but you don’t disappear. Your own hopes, dreams, ambitions, desires don’t vanish into thin air and you will be a better parent if you manage to maintain your own individuality and […]

Dad Book – Big In China

(Full book review and interview with Alan Paul: Coming Monday May 9th!) Stay at home dad decides to support his wife’s career and uproot their family from New Jersey so she can accept a promotion in Beijing. He eventually settles into expat life, makes time for himself, gains worldwide acclaim for authoring a website column, […]

Social Media Dads Pave the Way

As a dad, it gives me such a pleasurable feeling to be out in public and witness other dads doing things that one would typically see the mom doing. For instance, walking in to the men’s room to see a dad using the changing table like it is no big deal. Men without kids will […]

Media Review: Inland Empire Family Magazine

(Author’s note: personal loans with bad credit in fresno ca I 1 hour loans no fee sent a letter to the Managing Editor of the publication I review in this blog post. Her response was well thought out, honest, and an open discussion of the concerns I raised. Most of this post was written before […]

So Many Unpaid Jobs

(I needed an image to 100day loans payday loans new kensington pa go with my lifeguard reference later in the blog. This seemed worth looking at.) My son (The Boy) went to his first pool party this weekend. Oceans and lakes are fine, but I don’t normally hop into a pool and my wife wasn’t […]

Fatherhood is Not About Feminism

Media being reviewed: 1 hour loans online Number of Stay-At-Home Dads Rising During Economic Downturn by pitt emergency loan Serena Freewomyn, Condusive Chronicle As I made my way through this article, I couldn’t help but notice it was amazingly complimentary. The dads interviewed for the piece were honest, proud, and “challenging stereotypes” with enthusiasm. They […]

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