Choosing a Preschool: One Dad’s Story

No matter how many pictures I peruse or memories I revisit I can’t seem to figure out where the time has gone.  Two and a half years ago I became the proud dad of a beautiful baby girl.  This past autumn, she started going to preschool and took to it like a fish to water. […]

Reading to Children Is Important

It was my 100 approval loans birthday last week. Did you personal loans with a 500 credit score know that? Well, it wasn’t really my birthday. But if I were A.A. Milne (and still alive) it would have been true. Alan Alexander Milne was the English author best known for creating the simply lovable children’s […]

Money Back If Your Kid Is Still Stupid

According to a new offer from Disney, they will allow anyone who purchased payday loans locations mn a Baby Einstein DVD between June 5, 2004 and Sept. 4, 2009 a refund of $15.99. But all you parents out there, don’t be fooled with the prospect of easy money back. You have to go into a […]

Disabled Students Are Spanked More

Seems like a pretty disgusting example of personal loans in mesquite texas abuse of power. How can you hit someone, even as a means of punishment, who probably doesn’t understand why you’re doing it? Exactly what lesson do you believe you are imparting? Its probably you who needs the beating. “The report, based on federal […]

Tips For The Involved Dad At School

Despite the recently scorching temperatures for most of the nation, it’s hard to believe that our kids’ summer is almost over and we need to start preparing them for a return to school. With so many different types of families today, that can mean many different things. But no matter what the circumstances, there are […]

Supreme Court Rules on School Strip Searches

The Supreme Court has said that kids may not be stripped searched at school, even for illicit or banned drugs. The ruling also concluded that school officials could not be sued for the act. But it did not address whether or not school districts would be liable in such instances. I like the idea that […]

I Wish I Could Remember Infancy

I’ve always wished for the ability to remember infancy. Strange thought, I know. Most people have better things to occupy their time. But I truly think it would be fascinating to recall the experiences of being a baby. They seem to have a very different perspective about, and approach to, the world around them than […]

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