Thanksgiving 2010 vs Thanksgiving 2001: What a Difference!

So here we are – Thanksgiving personal loans altoona pa week here in the 1 000 dollar payday loan United States. This will quite likely be the least productive week on the calendar in 2010. It’s a short work week – most people will work Monday and Tuesday and some will work on Wednesday.  And […]

365 to 182 or Less

by RJ Jaramillo These are frightening 1 day processing cash loan numbers to look at as quick cash loans idaho falls a father. Somewhere in the U.S. today, there is a newly divorced father facing his final hearing in a family court room. A judge is making a decision that will change the time that […]

Book Review: Father and Child Reunion

BOOK REVIEW: Father and payday loans richmond va broad street Child Reunion, by Warren 1 hour loans no credit check Farrell, Ph.D. This book review has been a long time coming. Dr. Farrell was kind enough to send a copy and I couldn’t wait to begin. Just before making contact with Dr. Farrell, the ProActiveDads […]

John Edwards Fall From Grace

Update (Jan. 27, 2010): Edwards’ infidelity has now fractured his family. payday loans same day in sa According to her sister, John and Elizabeth have split. None of his children will have a cohesive set of parents. Way to go, Senator. Original blog post: It seems almost decades ago that Sen. John Edwards was […]

Famous Dad Wins Custody Battle (image from We like to see Dad’s fighting for responsible parenting of their children and the courts actually agreeing with them. We wish Jesse James and his family the best of luck in reaching an equitable conclusion for the best of all involved. personal loans for bad credit lexington ky payday loans […]

Before You Divorce A Good Father

Though we payday loans madras oregon celebrate our supposed God given right to the pursuit of happiness only the most naive of people do not realize that the pursuit of happiness through divorce leaves a long, long trail of loss to all those involved … this essay is one such Father’s testimony as to what […]

Judge Sides With Mom, Mom Flees With Kids

(Updated Oct. 15, 2009 personal loans in fredericksburg virginia – Dad released from Japanese jail. See link below.) In what can easily be described as a shining example of a dad wanting to keep his children safe from a selfish mother, the story of Christopher Savoie is one that should not be forgotten. After cheating […]

Communication With The Ex

This past month, I have received several requests regarding Single Parent dating Advice. One of them caught my immediate attention, and it read something like this: “I am dating a SingleDad and he communicates with his ex-wife too much, how do I stop him?” I was interested in getting the rest of the story, so […]

Successful Co-Parenting With Your Ex Spouse

You’ve said good-bye to your ex, and have embarked on an exciting life with your new spouse. But- your ex is still in your life.  You continue to maintain contact with him or her because it is in the best interest of the children.  Successful co-parenting requires some extra effort, but is very important for […]

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