Dad Bloggers – The Proud Papas Infographic

Dad bloggers are on the rise and, as we all know, fatherhood has dramatically changed in the last few decades. Check out this infographic from our friends at

Nissan Recognizes Dad Bloggers

Nissan North America has 2000 installment loan with no credit check spent personal loans with bad credit greensboro nc the last year trying to create a minivan that would remove them from the automotive joke list. Previous versions of the Quest had dismal sales and were widely ridiculed. Pride is now beaming as they unveil […]

Dad Bloggers Get Some CNN Coverage

Our thanks to Kevin Metzger of The 1 hour money DADvocate Project ( for posting this video and starring in it. This is exactly the kind of topic we need to address: media perceptions of fatherhood. CNN contributor Josh Levs seems to have some genuine interest in the subject and a desire to explore the […]

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