Guys Have Labor Pains for Mother’s Day

Guys simulate labor pains

Even the guys at ProActiveDads were laughing pretty hard at this! Check out these two guys who find out how they would do if they had to endure labor pains. Looks like their wives really enjoyed their Mother’s Day presents. And so did we. You can enjoy the video below but we’re not sure how […]

That Embarrassing Photo

We’ve all had these moments of discovery. You’re  looking for a particular photograph or group of photos and unintentionally come across the one that makes you smile, laugh, or wince in pain. In any case, you probably replied with “oh yeah, I forgot about that”. I just had one of those moments. While trying to […]

Location. Location. Location. Where to Give Birth?

I don’t recall the inspiration for this discussion, but payday loans in opelousas louisiana I still 1 hour online payday loan think it would be an interesting discussion for us. Ironically, my wife told me that the movie “Babies” was available via OnDemand tonight. For those unfamiliar with the movie, it tracks four babies from […]

Dad Finds Son Alive in Coffin

Its not often that a father has the best and worst day of his life all in the same day. But for Jose Alvarenga of Paraguay, that is exactly what happened. Doctors told him his newborn son died shortly after birth. Four hours later, his son’s body was delivered for a final goodbye and when […]

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