No Memories of Childhood Pain

There are distinct moments or series of events that personal loan rates for good credit amaze 1 hour loan direct lender me with the abilities of our bodies. My son has had a rough go of life in the last couple weeks as he battled through some less-than-fun struggles. And as I watched him with […]

Superficial Parents Start Before Kids Birth

Over the last few years, there has been a growing trend towards genetic screening and in-vitro diagnostics to learn as much about the fetus as possible. Technological advancements have been amazing in this area, as we continue to learn more (and learn it earlier) about conditions like Down Syndrome, birth defects, and risks to a […]

5 Things No One Told Me About Babies

I admit that I went into fatherhood knowing a heck of a lot about it and I admit this with pride. It almost became fun to hear someone give me some piece of unsolicited advice and never saying, “Yes, I knew that already.” I paid a lot of attention to my parents and how they […]

I Wish I Could Remember Infancy

I’ve always wished for the ability to remember infancy. Strange thought, I know. Most people have better things to occupy their time. But I truly think it would be fascinating to recall the experiences of being a baby. They seem to have a very different perspective about, and approach to, the world around them than […]

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