Interview with "Big In China" Author Alan Paul

I was fortunate enough to meet dad, author, columnist, and famous Beijing band frontman Alan Paul via email a few months ago. He’s a seemingly normal enough guy who just happens to be famous. When we began our email chats, he told me he had a book coming out soon and thought the ProActiveDads audience […]

Embrace the Chaos: Keeping a Sense of Yourself

Raising children is a balancing act. The minute they are born they become the most important thing in your life. You are transformed – but you don’t disappear. Your own hopes, dreams, ambitions, desires don’t vanish into thin air and you will be a better parent if you manage to maintain your own individuality and […]

Dad Book – Big In China

(Full book review and interview with Alan Paul: Coming Monday May 9th!) Stay at home dad decides to support his wife’s career and uproot their family from New Jersey so she can accept a promotion in Beijing. He eventually settles into expat life, makes time for himself, gains worldwide acclaim for authoring a website column, […]

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