ProActiveDads Coming to an End

ProActiveDads coming to an end

Over the past five years, many things have changed: Dads gained more pride in their family roles, companies have paid more attention to dads as consumers, media has given more positive portrayals of fatherhood, and marketing is beginning to focus on involved dads instead of making us all seem to be Homer Simpson.

These changes have not come easily. You have supported every step. Dad bloggers have cropped up around the world demanding to be heard. Lawyers and judges have helped level the playing field. Media companies are becoming better stewards of their time and power for families. Ad agencies are realizing that they can catch more dads with honey than vinegar.

Because of those successes and a combination of other priorities, the ProActiveDads group is coming to an end. We will still fight for dads and fatherhood, but many of us are doing so in new ways with other companies. We have always been a volunteer group. Not a single person asked to be paid. We distributed the t-shirts, stuck the stickers, wrote blog posts, drafted petitions, wrote letters, and made phone calls because we cared – not because we got paid.

Today, there are many more powerful voices in the fight for positive portrayals of fatherhood. Organizations like National Fatherhood Initiative, The Good Men Project, Dads Round Table, and AllPro Dad are all gathering resources to continue their excellent efforts in making sure dads are heard. There are many others in that group and social media is buzzing every day with news, blogs, photos, and videos of great dad content.

Over the last five years, we have worked with private businesses, government representatives, and media companies to help dads win the respect they deserve. We have your support to thank for all of the progress we made. We hope that, like us, you will continue to be proud of great dads and help fatherhood be respected.

Nathan Greenberg
Founder and a ProActiveDad for life

With the end of ProActiveDads as an active entity, we will be selling all digital assets including rights to the name, the domain (, and ownership of associated social media accounts. Please email me at ngreenberg (at) arksidemarketing (dot) com for additional information.

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