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For the non-mathamatically inclined, quick cash loans auckland the article title says 100 percent loan “Mommy Greater Than Daddy”. It is an accurate reflection of my son’s current attitude. As President Obama would say right about now, “let me be clear”: he still loves me and smiles from ear to ear when I get home. But with less than two years of life under his belt, my beloved son has hit that necessary but hard to endure stage of preferring one parent over the other.

For the past few weeks his sleeping habits have been a bit off. Actually, that is a very gentle way of saying he’s refusing to go to bed, wants stories read 10 times each, claims to be hungry and thirsty, and most importantly “mommy”. When she and I leave the room and he’s wailing like a torture victim, if I’m the first one to try and comfort him I get the heartwarming response of “Daddy no”.


He only screams for her. According to Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, MD, in Touchpoints: Birth to Three, a child not yet two years old only has the 15 minute payday loans direct lenders capacity to truly learn from one parent at a time. He is attempting to learn everything they do -from facial expressions to sounds and gestures- and simply can’t watch two adults at the same time.

That makes sense to me and I knew this phase would come eventually. But it still stings a bit because as a working parent, I value the small amounts of time I have with my child. I come home, forget about work, leave the iPhone on the dresser and spend time with the boy. I understand its a matter of patience. This too shall pass and soon enough he’ll reject his mother and love my attention. (Sorry. I love you honey.)

I started thinking about the future and knowing that although this phase is temporary, it isn’t alone…

Age 1: “Daddy no.”
Age 7: “I only want MOMMY!”
Age 17: “Do I have to admit we’re related?”

Eh, I’ll still love him.

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