It’s Better To Be a Dad Than a Friend

Robinsons Drinks Pals

A new commercial from British drink maker Robinsons has been whipping its way around the world. The spot is a heartwarming tale of two “pals” who make memories together and refresh themselves with a cool glass of Robinsons. Take a look and then read why we have a problem with it.

The twist at the end clarifies the strange actions one “pal” has with the other throughout the commercial. Okay, good. But the final message is where the warm and fuzzy drops off a cliff.

“It’s good to be a dad. It’s better to be a friend.”

Actually, it’s not. Being a father is a tremendous joy and responsibility. We appreciate the care and attention Robinsons obviously put into this ad and their great portrayal of an involved dad. But that message is destroyed when they tell us that dads are secondary to good friends. They are missing quite a few facts about fatherhood.

  1. Being a dad isn’t mutually exclusive to being a friend.
  2. Fatherhood makes more of an impact on a child than a friendship.
  3. Raising a child can’t be all fun and games.

Too many parents today prioritize their child’s happiness over their preparation for being an adult. They believe that being a friend is more important than being a parent. Discipline is lacking, education suffers, and the roles of adult leadership are absent. This hinders a child’s growth and inhibits their understanding of what separates grown-ups from kids. Why should they respect a parent who acts like a friend?

George Carlin had a point when he said “obedience and respect should not be automatic, they should be earned.” That said, let’s be blunt about this: if you care more about being your child’s friend than being their parent, you’re a bad parent. (If you disagree, feel free to comment below, send us an email, or flame us on Facebook. We’ll care.)

Robinsons had a great idea. Their commercial really was a touching showcase of a cool dad who seemed to love his role…as a dad. That is the message they should have ended with. “It’s good to be a friend. It’s better to be a dad.”

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