H1N1 Vaccine Recall Exposes Conspiracy


Sanofi Pasteur is “voluntarily” recalling payday loans laurens sc 800,000 doses of their H1N1 vaccine intended for toddlers. However, as you read the above linked article, notice how strongly and how many times they make the point that even if you’re child received the useless vaccine, they’re still safe. Nothing is wrong with it. It will still work.

I’m not a corrupt manufacturer making money from a flu vaccine scam, but I thought you only did recalls when things were ineffective or dangerous. Why else would they recall 800,000 doses of anything? Its a pretty expensive way of testing the guys in the mailroom!

It is my sincere hope that this episode shows parents around the country the fraud being perpetrated at the expense of our children. They will do anything to keep the positive PR rolling, even in the wake of a vaccine recall. According to the CDC, “we’re very confident that children who received this vaccine are properly protected,” they tell you. If that’s the case, why recall them? Could it have something to do with the lack of testing and proper safety procedures for the H1N1 vaccine? Could it be that they are using only half (or less, in some cases) of the necessary ingredients to make the vaccine effective? Could it be the inclusion of synthesized chemicals called “adjuvants” which are cheap and less effective alternatives to actual vaccine ingredients?

Could be any of those things, I guess. But again, I’m not a corrupt manufacturer making money from a flu vaccine scam. I’ll leave that up to the pros.

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