Debate: Should We Care About Kids Fashion

Hello again everyone. I’ve got some exciting news to share. A few weeks ago, I was asked by an editor at The Huffington Post if I would like to participate in a debate on children’s style. She came across a column I wrote for and thought I would be ideal to take the “disagree” position on the question of “We should care about children’s style.”

Kids fashion does not matterI didn’t know who I would be debating on the issue or how they would structure their argument. HuffPo presents these debates in a very fun manner: you (the visitor) are asked to state your “agree” or “disagree” before you can read the two opinions. After voting and then reading both debaters’ arguments, you are asked to vote again and see if your opinion has changed.

For the record, so far I have changed more minds than my distinguished opponent. Sure, the debate has only been live for a few hours, but I’m okay with small victories.

So here’s your chance to weigh in. Go to: 

Please share with your friends and family so we can get thousands of votes and see just how parents think about children’s fashion.

Thanks for your support!

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