Dad Finds Son Alive in Coffin

Its not often that a father has the best and worst day of his life all in the same day. But for Jose Alvarenga of Paraguay, that is exactly what happened. Doctors told him his newborn son died shortly after birth. Four hours later, his son’s body was delivered for a final goodbye and when […]

Fewer Fathers Want to Become Stay-At-Home Dads

According to a recent survey, 31% of working dads would give up their jobs to stay home with the kids. That’s a drop of 18% from the 2005 response. While I still think nearly one-third is a very large number for this demographic, I have to wonder if the survey is entirely valid, since […]

Private Swim Club Doesn’t Like Dark Kids

Updated July 12, 2009 – Club invites Day Care Center back based on legal advice So what part of this group was found to be unbearable by a group of private swim club members? Well, if you think like David Duke or Strom Thurmond, you’d already know the answer. Their “complexion”, of course! After Creative […]

Michael Jackson As A Father

Updated July 30, 2009 – Custody of Jackson’s children finally settled and without a court battle. Click here for additional info.) ProActiveDads note: We’re very happy to see that the custody of these two children did not become more of a media spectacle and force them to endure yet more unpleasant scrutiny. They lost a […]

Supreme Court Rules on School Strip Searches

The Supreme Court has said that kids may not be stripped searched at school, even for illicit or banned drugs. The ruling also concluded that school officials could not be sued for the act. But it did not address whether or not school districts would be liable in such instances. I like the idea that […]

Less Parenting is Bad Parenting?

I saw a video link headline on that read “Is bad parenting ‘in’?” and thought, “oh, this I’ve got to watch!” But as occasionally happens, I was pulled away by my son who needed poop extricated from his diaper or nutrition inserted into his stomach. Good kid stuff. And being the good parent I […]

The Involvement of Average Dad

Negative media portrayal of fathers is nothing new. It has been a perpetuating type-cast in excess of the last two decades. As most of you know, it was one of the principal motivators behind the foundation of ProActiveDads. But a recent article shows that maybe we are wrong. Maybe the bad press and icons of […]

Will Smith Becomes a Stay-At-Home Dad

If ever the stay-at-home Dad crowd wanted a poster boy, they may have just received the answer to their prayers. To support his wife’s new TV show endeavor, actor Will Smith will be a stay-at-home Dad and take care of his two young children full time. I’d like to commend Alan Duke of CNN, on […]

Superficial Parents Start Before Kids Birth

Over the last few years, there has been a growing trend towards genetic screening and in-vitro diagnostics to learn as much about the fetus as possible. Technological advancements have been amazing in this area, as we continue to learn more (and learn it earlier) about conditions like Down Syndrome, birth defects, and risks to a […]

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