Guys Have Labor Pains for Mother’s Day

Guys simulate labor pains

Even the guys at ProActiveDads were laughing pretty hard at this! Check out these two guys who find out how they would do if they had to endure labor pains. Looks like their wives really enjoyed their Mother’s Day presents. And so did we. You can enjoy the video below but we’re not sure how […]

Too Young For A Dragon

I could probably be more precise with the title by including the word “movie” at the end, but that doesn’t really sound quite as captivating. Some of you were probably wondering how I might get my son a dragon in the first place. But that shouldn’t be your question. Your actual question should be pondering what […]

Top 2 Ads Are All About Dads

Too often the dad blogger community is sidelined and ridiculed as a fad, a reaction to the success of mom blogging, or just something for crazy guys who aren’t masculine enough. ProActiveDads was not only built as a response to those inaccurate criticisms, but also because we collectively understand the importance of media and stereotyping […]

Media Review: Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told is a fun family movie premiering Saturday on FOX. Candace Cameron Bure and David James Elliot make up our adorable couple, except, they aren’t a couple. The premise of the movie is a fairly simple one: a guy and girl need to lie in the hopes of realizing great business opportunities. Unfortunately, […]

Media Review: What Dads Can’t Do

Oh, they don’t get much better than this. personal loan options for poor credit While searching for dad-related 1 800 new loan news items, I came across this video. When I saw it was from an evangelical Christian organization, I assumed it would have some sort of “dads can’t do everything, but God can” twist […]

Media Review: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ad

So many Americans personal loans wecu are attracted to the story 1 800 fast cash of Ted Williams. Many of you probably have the same reaction I do each time I hear that name: baseball. But I’m talking about another Ted Williams. I’m talking about the homeless guy with the “golden voice”. Shortly after he […]

Nissan Recognizes Dad Bloggers

Nissan North America has 2000 installment loan with no credit check spent personal loans with bad credit greensboro nc the last year trying to create a minivan that would remove them from the automotive joke list. Previous versions of the Quest had dismal sales and were widely ridiculed. Pride is now beaming as they unveil […]

Media Review: Inland Empire Family Magazine

(Author’s note: personal loans with bad credit in fresno ca I 1 hour loans no fee sent a letter to the Managing Editor of the publication I review in this blog post. Her response was well thought out, honest, and an open discussion of the concerns I raised. Most of this post was written before […]

Father Fights Bullying to Honor His Son

CNN personal loans with bad credit in las vegas interview: Kirk Smalley’s 24 hour 7 days a week payday loans 11-year-old son committed suicide after being bullied in school and punished by the administration for standing up to the bully. What struck me most about this interview was personal loans becu Mr. Smalley’s statement […]

Media Review: Life As We Know It Trailer

The 100 day loan bbb first time I watched this trailer I was literally in tears from laughter. And that’s not easy to do. But as a new parent (my son is two years old), I thought it was hysterical that they so accurately portrayed some of the very scenes my wife and I have […]

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