Coca-Cola Ad Celebrates Early Parenthood

This new ad from Coca-Cola celebrates the early years of parenthood. Agony. Ecstasy. Repeat. Can you relate the parents in this commercial?

It’s Better To Be a Dad Than a Friend

Robinsons Drinks Pals

A new commercial from British drink maker Robinsons has been whipping its way around the world. The spot is a heartwarming tale of two “pals” who make memories together and refresh themselves with a cool glass of Robinsons. Take a look and then read why we have a problem with it. The twist at the […]

Campbell’s Not Concerned with Making Dads Happy

Campbell’s Soup doesn’t seem to be terribly concerned with what makes dads happy. I just saw the following commercial on a news/opinion site: Here’s my version of the commercial: “There are only so many soup companies that make kids happy. And even fewer that care about the spending power of fathers. With fewer Campbell’s purchases […]

Top 2 Ads Are All About Dads

Too often the dad blogger community is sidelined and ridiculed as a fad, a reaction to the success of mom blogging, or just something for crazy guys who aren’t masculine enough. ProActiveDads was not only built as a response to those inaccurate criticisms, but also because we collectively understand the importance of media and stereotyping […]

Ragu Hates Dads

“When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s…” a mess that will definitely stain your shirt. It is also descriptive of a recent social media failure executed by Ragu. Beginning in March of 2011 Ragu began creating videos to target the mom blogging community and get opinions about dinner time. The […]

Media Review: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ad

So many Americans personal loans wecu are attracted to the story 1 800 fast cash of Ted Williams. Many of you probably have the same reaction I do each time I hear that name: baseball. But I’m talking about another Ted Williams. I’m talking about the homeless guy with the “golden voice”. Shortly after he […]

Nissan Recognizes Dad Bloggers

Nissan North America has 2000 installment loan with no credit check spent personal loans with bad credit greensboro nc the last year trying to create a minivan that would remove them from the automotive joke list. Previous versions of the Quest had dismal sales and were widely ridiculed. Pride is now beaming as they unveil […]

Media Review: Life As We Know It Trailer

The 100 day loan bbb first time I watched this trailer I was literally in tears from laughter. And that’s not easy to do. But as a new parent (my son is two years old), I thought it was hysterical that they so accurately portrayed some of the very scenes my wife and I have […]

Nevada OKs First Stud Farm

Update: The first legal male quick instant cash loan prostitute in Nevada has been revealed! “Markus” is already comparing himself to Rosa Parks. You must read this to believe it: (Original blog post – Jan. payday loans in schertz tx 7, 2010) Good news Dads! If you are currently unemployed or just searching for […]

Money Back If Your Kid Is Still Stupid

According to a new offer from Disney, they will allow anyone who purchased payday loans locations mn a Baby Einstein DVD between June 5, 2004 and Sept. 4, 2009 a refund of $15.99. But all you parents out there, don’t be fooled with the prospect of easy money back. You have to go into a […]

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