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The paternal instinct is not only powerful, but incredibly important for a dad and his child. To spend quality time together is to expose a child to a new and valuable set of experiences, morals, lessons, and love. Both parents (moms and dads) are critical for a child’s mature and responsible development and that shouldn’t be confused with being replaceable.

America once respected fathers and we -the ProActiveDads organization-  believe  our kids should see that again. We are more than the butt of a joke as portrayed on shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy. We aren’t the incompetent idiots we saw on Married with Children and Everybody Loves Raymond. We deserve the ability to change our kids’ diaper in a store bathroom instead of having to take them out to the car. We should no longer accept the politically correct argument that moms and  dads are interchangeable.

We believe a ProActiveDad is the guy who loves his kids, isn’t afraid to spend time with them, can change a diaper, fights for equality in family court, opposes mom-biased laws, doesn’t hide behind a job or machismo, puts his child’s best interests ahead of all others, and works with mom to raise a future responsible adult.

ProActiveDads works with dads, moms, parenting groups, corporations, politicians,  and the media to help correct some of these problems. We hope to have your support in this as we remind the world of a time when fatherhood was respected.


  1. DON’T TRY TO BE A MOM – Moms and dads are not interchangable. We  bring our own unique, valuable approach and experience to raising a  child.
  2. BE A ROLE MODEL – The next generation is looking to you. Take that obligation of leadership seriously.
  3. FIGHT FOR POSITIVE PORTRAYAL – Media characters like Homer Simpson make a mockery of your greatest obligation in life: being a dad. Your  child shouldn’t be laughing at you.
  4. SUPPORT FELLOW DADS – Help other dads in their challenges against   bias, false accusations, and manipulation. You never know when the day  will come that you will be forced to change from “defender” to “dad needing defense“.
  5. DIAPER WITH COURAGE – Men have defended nations, built skyscrapers, and invented the flamethrower! A loaded diaper shall not halt us.
  6. TAKE PRIDE IN EDUCATION – No one knows everything. Don’t be too proud to learn, even about being a dad.
  7. BE A MAN – Sons and daughters need to know what makes a good man. Show them.
  8. LOVE YOUR CHILDREN – There will be many highs and lows in your relationship. Love your children through each of them.
  9. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS – Even if it is hard to find within yourself, paternal instinct is an excellent guide.
  10. HAVE FUN – Fatherhood is the greatest adventure and responsibility you can embark upon. Remember to share that sense of adventure with your   children.


Nathan has been working in media, marketing, and advertising for the last 17 years. From all sides (media, ad agency, and client) he has seen first-hand how fathers are treated on television and in advertising and worked with decision makers who make the choice between a positive portrayal and cheap laughs. When his wife became pregnant with their first child, he was thrust into the world of fatherhood and became a participant in a system that is largely biased against dads.

This was not the example he wanted his son to see. Nathan became a passionate advocate for fair and equal treatment and also defended his wife against the medical institutions who thought they knew what was best for her baby.

Society today praises, defends, and is heavily biased in favor of moms. Nathan and the ProActiveDads Team only want to remove the bias and help cultivate a world in which both parents are recognized and respected for the important roles they play in a child’s life.

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