5 Things No One Told Me About Babies

I admit that I went into fatherhood knowing a heck of a lot about it and I admit this with pride. It almost became fun to hear someone give me some piece of unsolicited advice and never saying, “Yes, I knew that already.” I paid a lot of attention to my parents and how they raised me — pardion the inerrupton but myy son is grbing my hands..

Okay, back to the blog. I paid attention to how they raised me and I also paid attention in school to my teachers and how they dealt with 140+ students a day. I absorbed quite a few books and hundreds of websites before my son joined us and I felt prepared. I’m set to be SuperDad!

Flash forward seven months and my son is now developing his own personality. My wife and I are seeing all kinds of wonderful, and not so wonderful, behaviors and it has me wondering about how things have gone so far. He’s beginning to crawl, stand up, work on a vocabulary, and truly interact with his folks on with a personality all his own.

So here are five things that even I, the great SuperDad with more knowledge than Brittanica, didn’t know before becoming a Dad:

5) Baby poop isn’t that bad. Everyone told me it was the most toxic substance on Earth and would peel paint from the walls! Don’t let the YouTube videos scare you, or your wife emasculate you. Dive in with both hands and be proud of changing your baby’s diaper! (If a lack of changing tables in retail stores gets you as upset as me, see our Company Review of Target and get in touch with them.)

4) Saying, “I’ll get to that later” usually means you won’t get to it. If I was a typical dad who left most of the child raising to mom, I wouldn’t have such an issue. But I love being a parent and I would much rather spend time with my son than doing most other things. Time management is HUGE with a child!

3) Every child is different. This may seem like a no-brainer, but I have high hopes for my son and I expected him to achieve every milestone at least a month before he was “supposed to”. Well, that hasn’t happened in a few cases but I’m learning to live with it. He may achieve them later than normal so life will go on. I had to remember what my parents told me about myself. I did a few things late or out of order and I turned out just fine. (All disagreements on this point can call our Complaint Department.)

2) Even boys can hit *that* volume. I knew boys and girls could scream, but I never expected my son, the male heir, the future king, to scream quite like he does. Tonight was a perfect example. Feeding wasn’t going exactly as he wanted it and I didn’t figure that out fast enough. The grunts became whines which became whimpers which evolved into yells which morphed into this incredibly high-pitched paint peeling wail of which a banshee would be jealous. His voice better drop A LOT during puberty.

1) So what could be the number one thing that no one told me? Simple: How attached I would become to my son. I knew and fully expected to love and have a good time with my son. But this is so much cooler than I thought. Even with the crying, pooping, feeding, bathing, traveling, and all other manner of stuff that takes time, he is still the pride of my life. My wife and I have one shot to raise him and then he becomes an adult. So all three of us need to enjoy the experiences and learn from them as much as possible. I’m looking forward to every new day.

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